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Vadodara Chapter was established on 19th Feb, 2007 and now its strength is more than 100 members. The main goal of the chapter is to bring awareness on the new technology of the Geomatics in the local citizens and use this technology in development of Vadodara city. ISG Vadodara chapter has initiated this work very intensively. The Indian Society of Geomatics (ISG) was formed by a group of professionals from government, academia and industry with the main objective of promoting the technology and applications of Geomatics so that it becomes an important part of the information management and decision making processes. ISG regularly brings out a quarterly newsletter (ISSN: 0972-642X) for circulation to its members. ISG has recently published many special issues on various themes such as Agriculture, Urban Planning, Coastal and Marine Environment, Space-based Cartography, GIS: Education and Training in India, Water Resources, Location-based Services, Geomatics in India: Retrospect and Prospects, Infrastructure, Mountains etc. ISG has its website which contains all pertinent information about ISG and its activities. This site is updated every three months for the benefit of its members and anyone interested in Geoinformatics. Indian Society has also instituted two National Geomatics Awards to be given each year: a) for original and significant contribution, b) for innovative applications in the field of Geomatics. Each award comprises a medal, a citation and a sum of Rs 25,000/-. The guidelines for these awards are available on ISG website ( ISG also celebrates Science-day, GIS-day and Technology-day every year as the mandatory activities of the society. The main body of ISG is located at SAC, Ahmedabad. Vadodara chapter is one of the 25 active chapters of the society spread all over India. The other chapters are at Bombay, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, etc.

Executive Committee

Indian Society of Geomatics


  • President

    Prof.G.Sandhya Kiran

  • Vice President

    Prof. P.C. Mankodi
    Prof. Bindu Bhatt

  • Secretary

    Prof. K.C Tiwari

  • Treasurer

    Prof. Aruna Joshi

  • Joint Secretary

    Dr. T.M.V. Suryanarayana

  • Members

    1) Prof. D.L. Shah
    2) Shri G.D. Karhadkar
    3) Dr. C.S. Buch
    4) Shri. Kiran B. Garge
    5) Dr. Chirumammilla Nagesh
    6) Prof. Dr. Jatinderkumar R. Saini

Recent News & Events

ISG, Vadodara Chapter (ISG-VC) is proud to share that Dr.C.S.Buch is the first and only Medical Doctor to be the member of not only ISG-VC but also ISG, India. He has successfully organized first of its kind and free PATient CONference called PATCON.

National Workshop - Fundaments Of Remote Sensing & GIS

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